5 moves help you to improve the back pain

1. The bridge

Lie straight on the carpet. It is best to bend your legs to touch your buttocks so that your hands can grip your ankles. Inhale and push your butt up like a bridge. Note, the shoulders and the neck always have to relax. Exhale, lower your buttocks, stretching your legs back to the starting position. Done 8 times.

2. The cat

In preparation position with knees, hands touch the floor (hands facing forward), upper body parallel to the floor. The knees are wide open. Before starting the movement, pay attention to distributing the force evenly, not putting force into your legs or arms, straight back so that your head and tailbone are horizontal in a straight line.

Inhale, look straight ahead, gently lower your back like a cat’s back. Breathing out, arch your back slightly, head down so that your chin almost touches the hollow of your neck. Inhale, return to the original position. Repeat 10 times. This is a “panacea” to neutralize back pain during pregnancy, improve flexibility for the shoulders, neck and spine, create energy for the pelvis.

3. Planks

From the prepared position of the cat move. Slowly straighten each foot backwards, only the toes touch the ground. Note: In this position, the body should be kept straight from the shoulders to the legs; Do not tip or butt lower. Abdominal contraction. Breathe evenly. Hold the pose for about 30 seconds.

4. Stand hunched forward

Stand upright in a mountain position: The legs are close, parallel, toes facing forward. Deep breath; Breathe out as you breathe, bending forward as far as possible. If you reach a high level, you can face your feet. However, note that the back must be extended, do not lift the back to try to face the foot.

5. Sit forward

Sitting on the carpet, legs stretched forward. Slowly bend forward so that the spine, shoulders and hamstrips are elongated. If possible, chest, nose, forehead pressed to the leg. Note, knees do not bend up; have to straighten, press to the floor. If you haven’t already, place a thin blanket under your knee to feel more comfortable and gradually relax your knees.