6 running marathons that runners all wish to participate in (Part 1)

These running events take place in six major cities including Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York. From 2015 to now, the number of athletes determined and completed the distance increased to 1,400%.

President of Marathon Tours & Travel (the company specializing in arranging ways to join and travel for these 6 awards) – Jeff Adams commented – All of these run are rich in history and spread a great source of energy that extreme no one can refuse.

The executive director at the Abbott World Marathon Majors – Tim Hadzima – also stated – This system of competitions is a way to bring to the world the top elite athletes from many different countries. It also provides sharing and talks, effective tips and practice tips from those who are qualified to participate, and complete the distances in these tournaments.

Because to qualify for this run is not easy. You must complete the full marathon distance by the time specified. Therefore, your participation in one of these 6 events has also improved your professionalism and ability in the domestic running community many times.

However, these runs have exceptions. If you are not eligible to register for the exam, you can count on your luck through the lottery. In addition, you can also join with tour organizing groups like Marathon Tours & Travel. You can read more standards and regulations here.

And now let me explore what are these 6 prestigious running events!

Tokyo Marathon – The latest run in the Abbott Majors system

The run usually takes place on the first Sunday of March every year. In 2013, the Tokyo Marathon became the 6th race of the Abbott World Marathon Majors. The Tokyo Marathon began as a movement run. More than 25,000 runners completed the first race in 2007.

By 2018, this race has welcomed 35,000 runners. A great change for this run for price. In 2018, there were 330,000 applications for the Tokyo Marathon (free registration), but you see, more than 90% of the registrants did not attend.