7 sports bring natural beauty

Instead of having to do the exercises required in the gym, you choose for yourself a type of sport to both satisfy your interests, both help your body burn calories effectively and bring natural health.

1. Learn to dance Zumba

When you perform the Latin dance moves, you will have to use the rotation of the hips and the power of the butt and the rhythmic footsteps of the music. The combination of the body’s movement and the music triggers the stimulation and stimulates other organs of your body to work together. Therefore, the calories burned are higher than normal exercises in the gym.

2. Play volleyball outdoors

When you play volleyball you have to use the coordinated movement of the whole body. If you play volleyball outdoors, the metabolism between the body and nature takes place to help you get natural health. When you exercise normally can consume about 150 calories, with outdoor volleyball you will have to consume up to about 300 calories.

3. Pole dancing

Pole dancing is not only found in bars but also in gyms, which is a favorite sport for many young people. With a pillar, you have to use most of the force of your arms and shoulders so that your body can always spin to create excitement for the nervous system, while squeezing and effectively burning down the excess fat. Therefore, pole dancing can give you an attractive physique.

4. Climbing

Climbing first of all makes you feel the high excitement and great dynamism of the arms, legs and abdomen. The combination of force of the parts of the body combined with the functioning of the nervous system makes you consume a large amount of calories. If you do not have the conditions to do outdoor climbing, you can also satisfy thrills with indoor rock climbing exercises.

5. Horseback riding

Equestrian is a game that can give you a strong feeling of excitement. The riding of a horse forces you to exercise your muscles, especially the sensory balance. So, the calories on your body are burned right in your euphoria feeling when playing with funny horses, every hour you can burn up to about 500 calories there.

6. Jump rope

Jump rope is used by young people, but at a certain age seems to be afraid of this sport. You can still repeat and regain your toddler’s senses to burn about 200 calories in 15 minutes of skipping rope.

7. Ice skating

Skating is also a sport that gives you thrills and excitement for the nervous system. On the other hand, the rhythmic low-swinging movement is similar to that of the aerobic exercise, which helps to firm the legs and waist areas. Every hour of skating you can burn up to 350 calories.