Benzema is set to stand trial in the case of blackmail with sex clips

Real Madrid has just received shock news when Karim Benzema may have to face a criminal trial because the highest court of appeal in France rejected the star’s appeal in connection with an investigation of Mathieu Valbuena with sex clips.

According to AFP, the court proved the investigative methods used in the case – Benzema was accused of colluding in the Valbuena blackmail case, was lawful. Benzema and Valbuena were both involved in the France squad at the time of blackmail.

In June 2015, Valbuena – who currently plays for Greece’s Olympiakos Club, filed a complaint about him being the victim of a blackmail case when he received a call to announce his presence in a sex clip.

The 31-year-old Real Madrid striker was indicted for complicity in extortion, but later resisted the methods of investigation by a police officer. Benzema’s legal team claims that the police used dishonest methods by posing as Valbuena’s friend in a telephone conversation with one of the defendants.

However, the court on 9.12 ruled that there was no violation in the way of investigation, meaning no legal appeal from Benzema. The verdict of the court means that Benzema’s case file will be returned to the investigation agency in Versailles, the unit will decide whether to go to trial or not.

“The verdict is a disappointment. There is something contrary to the fact that the Supreme Court decided against what they said two years ago. But Karim Benzema was never afraid to face the judges and explain why he had nothing to do with the charges, ”Benzema’s Patrice Spinosi lawyer told AFP.

Valbuena’s lawyer, Frederic Shiraz, welcomed the decision: “This decision goes beyond this particular sex clip. This allows the police, for the benefit of the victims, to use their investigation techniques to find and arrest the perpetrator”.

Since the incident four years ago, both players were no longer called back to France and missed EURO 2016 (runner-up) and crowned the 2018 World Cup. back at a time when Benzema is going through the best possible season in a career. So far, the 31-year-old striker is helping Real Madrid temporarily dispel internal records when scoring 15 goals to help the Royal team compare with Barcelona at the top of the La Liga table after the first 15 rounds, as well as win tickets to the Champions League round of 16.