Dortmund was tired and ended 2019 in failure

Dortmund was unable to maintain their results and lost 1-2 in the Hoffenheim field in the early match of the 17th Bundesliga.

With four victories in the last five matches, Borussia Dortmund seems to be able to find a solution to the problem of personnel for their lack of depth team under coach Lucien Favre. And once like that, they absolutely have reason to hope to end 2019 with the joy of winning against the home team Hoffenheim early this morning. Dortmund is 4 points behind leader RB Leipzig, results other than a victory are detrimental to the hope of the title of the team wearing the yellow-black shirt.

In the opposite field, Hoffenheim is showing signs of going down after 5 consecutive wins at the beginning of the season. After losing to Mainz last month, they continued to lose against RB Leipzig and Augsburg. Last week’s 2-0 victory over Union Berlin is a great consolidation of faith and the victory over Borussia Dortmund will be the perfect Christmas gift for their supporters.

And that Christmas present was snatched away in the 17th minute when Mario Gotze opened the scoring for the visitors. Hakimi’s cross in a difficult position also pushed Gotze into a difficult position, but he also promptly finished the shot beyond the reach of goalkeeper Baumann into Hoffenheim.

The thought of the game would be a one-way direction when Dortmund almost controlled every square meter of grass on the pitch and almost cornered the home team to their own part to fight hard but fatigue was clearly displayed on the feet of the guest. The passes are therefore not at the right address and the players are also unable to move properly with the intention of the coach Favre.

The 8-0 corner ratio in favor of Dortmund is also a parameter that shows the visitors’ play style is fully utilized but cannot cross the inside goal.

Hoffenheim mostly played counter-attacks and the little, gleaming tackles turned out to be fruitful when in the last 10 minutes of the match, the home team did what they wanted most: giving gifts to the audience home.

79 minutes, before a forest defender yellow shirt, Adamyan still promptly out a foot to level by 1-1. Just 8 minutes later, Kramaric headed the perfect cross from Adamyan to set a 2-1 victory for Hoffenheim in the fall of the Dortmund players.

Hoffenheim had a Christmas gift for their home audience, they also temporarily climbed to the top 6 on the charts. Dortmund, meanwhile, is down to the fourth place and will likely sink the field after the end of this round.