How should new runners recharge the body after running? (Part 1)

Understanding carbohydrates, carbs, proteins, sports drinks to help runner properly recharge the body.

Nutrition is an integral part of running. To conquer the target distance, in addition to the appropriate training and exercise schedule, the runner needs to understand and know how to refuel the body. Women’s Running’s knowledge of the refueling rules below will be helpful to beginners.

Nutrition is an integral part of running


Even experienced runners are not always properly hydrated. Hydration is one of the most important parts of a runner’s workout plan, as dehydration can cause muscle weakness, cramps, and fatigue.

Most people don’t drink enough clean water. The best way to know if you are hydrated is to check your urine color after a run. If it has a dark yellow color, you need to drink more water while running. If it is light yellow, you should be hydrated.

Proper charging contributes to increased performance for the runner on the run


Carbs have a bad reputation for making people fatter. This is partly true of sugary foods and drinks, but not entirely for fruits, vegetables, milk, and whole grains. Not only do these foods contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but also serve as a primary fuel source for exercise.

The body then relies on any recently eaten carbs to fuel the running

A balanced diet with healthy carbs allows the body to store carbs in the muscles and liver, which is the main fuel source for the first 10 to 15 minutes of exercise. The body then relies on any recently eaten carbs to fuel the running.

Before exercising, runners should eat easily digestible carbs, like those found in a piece of fruit or a few handfuls of cereals.

Sports drinks

Sports drinks contain a fair amount of sugar. For any runners-up, adding one pill to your diet can be intimidating – but rest assured that a sports drink was developed for a reason and with a specific recipe.

They contain fluids and electrolytes to replace the substances lost in sweat and sugar to fuel the working muscles. Any run lasting more than an hour, really high intensity, or finished in hot environments may need a sports drink supplement.