M.U fans called for the dismissal of Solskjaer

Although Manchester United (MU) have surpassed Rochdale 3rd team to qualify for the fourth round of the English League Cup (Carabao Cup), the “Red Devils” fans still expressed disappointment for Solskjaer and called for leaders. The Red Devils should soon dismiss the Norwegian military leader.

In the match against Rochdale in the third round, despite playing at Old Trafford, MU struggled until 68 minutes to score a 1-0 lead by the young striker Greenwood, but in 76 minutes they were rivals. under the equalizer 1-1 by 16-year-old youngster Matheson.

MU then won 5-3 thanks to a penalty shootout 11m to go on, but coach Solskjaer again took that to please and unfortunately at the time the home team missed many opportunities to score goals to end the match.

Solskjaer added that they had been 1-0 ahead in many matches. Today too, and there should be a second table. But obviously, even though the players play well, their subjective thinking and thinking of scoring a second goal at any time will lead to carelessness. Pay the price. We need a bit more cruelty in the game, we need to solve the game and we cannot keep the current situation as it is”.

However, for M.U fans, it is too boring with this approach of the home team today and probably does not expect anything to change. After the match many people criticized Mr. Solskjaer on social networking Twitter: “It is nothing to be proud of, a poor performance, and nothing bright to hope. The club should fire Solskjaer”.

Meanwhile, another MU fan is wary of the home players who receive the “terrible” salary but play no different from the players in the 3rd division, so: “Give their weekly salary to the players. Rochdale deserves more”.

Elsewhere, MU fans thought that after losing to West Ham (0-2) last weekend, the match against Rochdale was far from the reason that Solskjaer’s army had to show more or less the reaction to the fans. The fans still have hope, but over here they still show a pale face and continue on thanks to luck in the 11m kick range.