Real wants to say goodbye to a series of players

The players who have contributed a lot to the Spanish Royal Club such as Sergio Ramos or Luka Modric are in danger of leaving the Bernabeu in the near future.

Real wants to say goodbye to a series of players. AS said up to six Real Madrid players will expire in the summer of 2021. “White vultures” have no indication that they want to keep all these players.

The first is Sergio Ramos. The situation of new contract negotiations between Real Madrid and center-back Ramos is deadlock. Ramos’s current contract with Real will expire in June 2021, meaning the Spanish center-back will be free to negotiate with any other club in the next winter transfer window.

Ramos has a 2 year contract extension. However, Real don’t want to break the tradition of extending a one-year contract with players over 32 years of age. They just want to sign each year a contract with the player. The Spanish media revealed that Real’s attitude could cause Ramos to leave the club at the end of his contract or even leave earlier.

Luka Modric is another player who falls into the same case as Ramos. His contract also expires in the summer of 2021. With the Croatian midfielder going to be 35 when the contract expires, Real has not yet launched any extension negotiations.

Apart from Modric and Ramos, the future of defender Marcelo and midfielder Gareth Bale is also not bright at the Bernabeu. Marcelo has suffered a lot this season and has not been used much, while Bale only stayed because no other club could afford his high salary.

In addition, AS revealed the situation of James Rodriguez, Lucas Vazquez, Lucas Silva and Luca Zidane – the other players have only one year contract, nothing better. Most likely the Royal Spanish Club will bid farewell to the aforementioned series of players this summer or next summer.