Summer sports to remind your baby the following notes

When playing sports, especially with the approaching summer weather, your children need to keep in mind a few things to keep their health from being affected.

Join us to find out what those are the notes when playing summer sports.

Avoid the sun

It is common for people to say, “It’s okay if a boy is black,” so boys when playing sports often have their heads bare and wear short clothes in the hot summer weather. However, it is the cause that can cause bad symptoms for your baby’s health such as heat stroke, skin burns, dehydration or other dangerous problems.

The advice given is to look for indoor playgrounds, or shaded spaces so children can have fun but still not be afraid of the harmful effects of sunlight. If you must play in the sun, pay attention to costumes so that there is less direct contact with the sun to limit their negative effects.

Choose an appropriate time when playing summer sports

The intensity of sunlight in the summer is usually very high, from which the ultraviolet rays will also become stronger and potentially harmful to the baby if playing sports in the active hours. Ultraviolet rays are responsible for the health problems of your baby if not properly shielded.

Choose the time when the sun is soft, like early morning or late afternoon, when the intensity of the sunlight has weakened and the level of UV light is no longer strong. This will be the ideal time to play sports to ensure your baby’s health and developmental ability.

Provide enough water

In hot summer weather, the body sweats a lot, which leads to the need for additional water to balance the amount of water in the body. Besides, being active when playing sports also causes the body to lack a significant amount of water. If this condition continues to make children feel tired quickly, and may even cause fainting or fainting due to lack of water.

When taking your child to play sports, have a water bottle ready so he can drink when he is thirsty. Filtered water is the best choice and you should limit the use of ice-cold or soft drinks, carbonated water because they only have a temporary effect but contain unhealthy ingredients.


This is sometimes a problem that few parents pay attention to when their children play summer sports. Before your baby is exercising or exercising, offer a snack such as fruit or other easily digestible foods. This will be an additional source of heat, helping your baby to exercise freely without fear of losing strength. After playing sports, eat lots of energy-rich foods like meat, fish, eggs, and milk to supplement your baby’s protein.