The benefits keep you motivated to jog every morning

Jogging is one of the best exercises for the body. Morning jogging has many health benefits and helps you to have a day full of energy.

The following benefits will help you be more motivated to perform and maintain your running.

Feel excited for the new day

When exercising, the body releases a number of endorphins and other hormones that strengthen the body, creating energy for the body to work a long day. Therefore, morning exercise is a necessary method to help you have plentiful energy throughout the day.

Create healthy habits

Every morning, after waking up, the body is often tired because of staying up late and lazy to practice. If this condition lasts will adversely affect health. The exercise, jogging in the morning is essential because this will help your body gradually have the habit of going to bed early in the evening and waking up earlier in the morning.

Against cancer

According to 170 studies in the nutrition journal, daily exercise is closely linked to a lower risk of cancer. People with cancer who run regularly have more stable health. Mortality rates in people with breast cancer are significantly reduced, due to running more than walking, according to the conclusion of the National Journal of Cancer in the United States.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Jogging reduces the likelihood of heart disease by 45%. When walking, blood flow will flow to the heart, forcing the heart to pump blood back to the body, this will make the heart stronger, combined with regular breathing will help you prevent heart diseases.

Release the fatigue

Running, listening to a favorite song and walking to feel the surrounding life with a fresh, pleasant atmosphere will help you relieve all stressful stress, as well as the work pressure.

Weight loss

Actively walking in the morning, people will feel more excited and comfortable because they are immersed in nature, breathe fresh air so they will run more, thereby burning calories and losing weight better. Also, the sun exposure in the morning will help your body to produce more vitamin D, which is beneficial for health.

Relieve stress

A study by the Gymnasium of Georgina University, USA, said: When the mood is pent up, exercising an hour is 3 times better than taking time to rest. Running is the perfect way to relieve stress and connect with yourself.

Help to live long

After the mental and physical benefits that running brings, the longevity is a result of debate. According to a Stanford University study on the effect of jogging on health, 85% of runners still live while this rate is only 66% in those who run less after 21 years.