The important role of nutrients in gym and fitness (Part 1)

If you know the role of essential nutrients for exercises, you will want to add these nutrients right away for the best practice.

No matter what type of exercise you do, from cardio, endurance, or flexural muscles, your muscles need the number of nutrients you get through your diet to stay active and healthy.

The roles of the following nutrients will have specific effects on training that you need to know to add promptly and optimize effectiveness during exercise.

Protein for strong muscles

Protein in the gym diet is extremely important. As a major component of muscle tissue, the role of nutrients such as protein helps in the formation of new muscle fibers and the repair of damaged muscle tissue after exercise.

Protein is abundant in lean meats, eggs, and milk, which are essential nutrients in a workout diet. Getting enough high-quality protein in your daily diet (2g per kg of body weight) will help increase muscle mass, which over time can improve your physical strength for those who need it in the training session.

Besides, proteins that contain chain amino acids, such as those found in whey, will help muscles recover more quickly and efficiently.

Carbs supplement and maintain energy

Carbs provide the energy needed for muscles to function better when doing physical activities. If you take a pre-workout carb supplement, the role of the nutrients in carbs is not only converted into energy but also in muscle and liver.

Carbs supplement and maintain energy

You should not cut out carbs completely, but add the necessary amount to have the energy for the exercise. They are stored in the form of glycogen, which helps maintain muscle strength during exercise. Glycogen supplementation during or after exercise also helps speed up recovery in preparation for the next training session.

For each kg of body weight, you need to add enough 1 – 1.5g carbs to ensure the quality is needed. Even for those who exercise weight loss, you should choose foods high in carb but low in calories for easier weight management, not to remove carbs from your daily diet.