The important role of nutrients in gym and fitness (Part 2)

Vitamins and minerals for metabolism

The role of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals is related to many functions in the body, including exercise. If you cannot ensure nutrition in your diet, taking vitamin pills will temporarily replenish essential vitamins.

Vitamins and minerals promote metabolism, support many organs to function, and help regenerate energy and limit muscle spasms. Therefore, a lack of any of the essential nutrients can affect your ability to exercise.

For example, a lack of iron can make you feel stressed and tired during exercise. Lack of electrolytes like sodium increases your risk of cramps. Deficiency of vitamin C can impair iron absorption as well as not limit inflammation, making muscle recovery longer.

Vitamins and minerals promote metabolism, support many organs to function

You can easily get the necessary vitamins and minerals through your diet. Many foods contain high levels of vitamins and nutrients that will be suitable for people to exercise. If you cannot ensure adequate nutrition, vitamin pills will be your solution!

Water to hydrate and maintain balance

The role of the most important nutrients for exercise is water. Water is one of the essential nutrients, helping to replenish water lost when you breathe or sweat during exercise.

The hydration function keeps your heart rate from rising too high, so it also helps regulate your body temperature more effectively. According to medical organizations, every time you lose a liter of fluid through sweat, your heart rate increases by 8 beats per minute. Continuous replenishment of water helps you promptly replenish the water lost during exercise

If you frequently have a large deficiency in your body, especially when you’re constantly exercising and constantly drain the water stored in your body while exercising, your body temperature can suddenly rise to a dangerously high level. dangerous.

Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after exercise to help ensure you complete exercise, balance your electrolytes, and maintain body functions safely.

From the role of the most basic and essential nutrients to exercising, if you add the necessary amount, the body will always be maintained in its best state and respond to all activities during the process of your workout.

It is also very important to have an exercise plan that is tailored to your fitness, otherwise, you will be prone to injury and over work.