The number 1 badminton player in the world had a terrible accident in Malaysia

The world’s No. 1 male badminton player Kento Momota had a terrible traffic accident in Malaysia on 13.1, causing 4 casualties.

According to the Bernama news agency, the accident occurred after the Japanese player carrying a car to Kuala Lumpur International Airport crashed into a slow-moving truck on Maju Expressway at around 4:40 am on January 13. In addition to Momota, the accompanying people in the car include assistant coach Yu Hirayama (35), physiotherapist Morimoto Akifumi (42) and William Thomas (30), who runs the Hawkeye technology system.

The accident caused driver B Nageswarau (24 years old) – the driver of the car carrying Momota, to die at the scene. The crash occurred just hours after Momota earned her first season title at the Malaysia Masters by defeating Denmark’s former world champion Viktor Axelsen in the final.

Bernama news agency quoted a statement from the Malaysian Badminton Association (BAM) on January 14, saying that Momota is still being treated and restored at Putrajaya Hospital. The statement also said that, following the advice of the doctors, the Japanese tennis player and the 3 people traveling in the car in distress must be closely monitored at the hospital and will not be discharged.

Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) said, is currently in contact with Japanese badminton coach Park Joo Bong and will continue to be on duty at the hospital to assist the victims. The 25-year-old tennis player in the world badminton suffered from many tears in the face, right nose and nose bone fracture in the accident. According to AFP, Momota may have to take a 2-month break to recover completely.

After learning of the terrible accident, former Malaysia badminton legend Lee Chong Wei sent his words and wished Momota to quickly recover from injury to return to play.

Meanwhile, a player also wished Momota “an accident”: “I really admire Momota for Momota’s humble talent and style of play. Wish Momota get well soon to continue giving good matches to the badminton fans in the world”.