Top 6 tournaments in the Abbot World Marathon Majors series (Part 1)

Surely runners interested in running news in the world will be no stranger to the 6 most prestigious Marathon in the world in the World Marathon Majors series. However, apart from the Majors, there are many other Marathons that also attract the attention of the runners

Number of people participating in the tournament: a top criterion besides the quality of expertise in judging a tournament. The competition is attractive or not

Elites attend

Some competitions, although not in the top number of participants, bring a lot of elites together, possibly due to climate and terrain factors that are easy to create PR.


Even in steeply steep tournaments like Boston or New York, elites still have an amazing time of completion. When the competition and the atmosphere in the tournament are good enough, a champion’s completion time is often very short.

Host Location

The venue of the venue has a lot to do with the quality of a tournament. Instead of having a hostile look because of roadblocks, the interest and support of the people and tourists will also elevate the tournament, and this depends a lot on the venue.

Without a doubt, these are the 6 most prestigious Marathon in the world, so EBR will recommend these first.

1. Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon was first held on April 19, 1897 in Massachusetts, USA. The tournament was inspired by the world’s first marathon tournament in the framework of the 1896 Summer Olympics (Greece). Therefore, this is the most historic Marathon in the world.

However, until 1924, the Boston Marathon’s track was still considered “substandard” compared to today when it only spanned about 40km. Every year, the Boston Marathon welcomes more than 30,000 athletes to attend (the number can be many times if there is no Boston Qualify standard).

Currently, Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai holds the Boston Marathon 2:03:02 time record, which he set in 2011. Ethiopian Buzunesh Deba holds the women’s record with a time of 2:19: 59 was established in 2014.