Why does Ronaldinho go to jail even though he hasn’t gone bankrupt?

The financial decline is the cause of Ronaldinho is likely to go to jail, although he is not to the point of being out of pocket.

Despite leaving professional football for a long time, Ronaldinho has become one of the names mentioned recently. The reason is that the one-time Barca player was detained in Paraguay for making a fake passport.

Many NHMs wonder that a famous person like Ronaldinho could not have a genuine passport. The Guardian explained that it was because Brazilian authorities had to confiscate Ronaldinho’s passport for economic reasons.

The source of the incident occurred more than 10 years ago. Meanwhile, Ro “lug” with his brother Roberto Assis involved in a lawsuit for building illegal infrastructure and destroying the environment. The fine amount was up to $ 2.3 million, but former Selecao player has delayed the payment of many times.

That situation forced the authorities of Brazil to enforce the enforcement of his passport deprivation. And with the latest developments, the fact that Ronaldinho deliberately faked a passport abroad was counted as a cross-border crime and could be imprisoned.

When the last financial check, Ronaldinho was discovered to withdraw all money in the account. According to The Guardian, the striker who won 2 Golden Balls in the past may not have gone bankrupt, but he is very difficult in money, leading to risking his participation in events to get money.

Need to know, Ronaldinho was one of the millionaires, after years of fighting in the top competitions. At one point, his fortune was valued at approximately $ 100 million. Ironically, playfulness and unruly life have put witch on the field at risk of imprisonment.

Ronaldinho is being held in a Paraguay prison for using a fake passport. But the life of “Ro lug” behind bars is not boring. The former Barca player and Brazil team can still play with the ball with a futsal tournament held in Agrupacion Especializada prison in Paraguay’s Asuncion capital.

Even teams also have to compete fiercely with each other to have Ronaldinho because everyone wants to play with one of the most talented players in the world football village.